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Services & Pricing

We offer a wide variety of documents for employee benefits and labor management professionals, as well as the individual. We also provide rush service for when you absolutely need the documents now. We also offer tax-exempt information.

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Employee Benefit Documents

The form 5500 is our most popular document. We can obtain all publicly available schedules and attachments, including lists of assets, auditors' reports, plan provisions, financial statements, and more.

No Hourly Charges

Similar services often run between $60 and $120 per hour! What separates us from the competition is that we only charge you for what we send you, not for the time it took us to obtain the documents!

The basic charge is only $65 per 5500 plus $.45 per page, and we also offer a number of helpful additional services at very low cost:

Form 5500
Annual report for a pension, health or welfare plan.
SEC Overview
For publicly traded companies, we can obtain copies of the most recent annual reports and proxy statements.
Blue-Ribbon Certification
Get a 5500 officially certified by the Department of Labor. Many jurisdictions require that 5500s be certified in order to be admitted in a court of law. Cost is in addition to base document retrieval fees.
Extended Plan History Report
We can obtain a list of all 5500s filed for a particular plan all the way back to 1999.
$65.00 for the first plan
$20.00 for each additional plan
All documents, regardless of shipping method, are subject to this fee which helps cover government copying fees.
$0.45 per page
Minimum Research Free
In the event nothing is found on your order, you will be charged a minimum fee for time spent performing the reseach.
$50.00 per order

Other documents we can obtain include:

Summary Plan Descriptions
The most recently available SPDs are from the 1997 plan year, so this would be the most recent copy we could obtain.
Top Hat Letters
The only document in the public record for a top hat plan is the top hat letter. This letter is usually a one-page document that includes date of plan inception, number of participants, and sponsor contact information.
Advisory Opinions $65.00
Exemption Applications/Notifications $65.00

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Labor-Management Documents

For unions, we can provide a variety of documents ranging from the financial reports of a union headquarters to local by-laws.

The laws of a national union.
The laws of a local union.
Union creation report.
Amended LM-1.
Union financial reports.
Consultant and employer reports.
Trusteeship Reports
Collective Bargaining Agreements
We have all agreements with over 1,000 participants.

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Rush Service

Typical turnaround time is 5 business days for most of our documents. This can seem like an eternity when you have a court date, a meeting deadline, or when you just can't wait! When you absolutely need your documents right away, we offer VIP Rush service.

VIP Rush
We drop everything and work to get your order right away. We can usually get it to you overnight if you order by 1pm Eastern. If we cannot provide the documents with 24 hours, you are notified and the rush fee is waived. Not available for some documents such as blue-ribbon certification, SPDs or Top Hat Letters.
$49.99 per document

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Tax-Exempt Filings

The primary source of information for tax-exempt organizations is the form 990. We can obtain these for $65.00 per filing from our in-house archive. If they are not available there, we can submit a Freedom of Information Act request to the IRS for $75.00.

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